Community Thank You

Comments from Listeners


Please pass along our gracious thanks for the wonderful program you gave on Wednesday night. I continue to hear good reports about your performance. Some say it was among the best we've ever had. We are so fortunate to have talented and generous folks like you in our community who are willing to share.

Thank you,
Hi Rosa,

Thanks again for everything. The donation of $1000 from the Encore Singers to the NC Children's Promise will certainly brighten the days for our patients. I cannot tell you how appreciative we are of your support. We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Courtney A. Fancsali, MHA
Annual Fund Coordinator for Children's Programs
North Carolina Children's Hospital
Hi Steven!
The residents had a wonderful time last night; it has been the topic of conversation all morning. As per our phone conversation we plan on having you back on Tues Dec 4, 2007 @ 7 PM. Look forward to meeting you then.

Thanks in Advance,

Becky Burris
Activities Director
The Gardens at Wakefield


Dear Encore Singers,

Thank you for the wonderful evening of entertainment.  The residents greatly enjoyed your performance and look forward to having you back again in May.  Happy Holidays!

Kristen Yeh
Whitaker Glen


From David Moore & Natalie Crane   •  The Gardens in Wake Forest - June 2015

We're both in our 80s so the 50s music just hit the spot since that was our fun era. We get around quite a bit & see lots of entertainment & feel your group was the best we've seen- we loved it. Thanks to everyone in the group for all the time and effort they put in to keep us feeling great.   Hope to see you many times in the future.